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White Light Supplies Big Hunk O’ Sound for Elvis 1969 Concert

WEB.600.7-3ELVIS Las Vegas 1969 is a brand-new theatre production based on the final few hours leading up to Elvis Presley making his return to the stage following his hiatus in Hollywood. The show received its world premiere last week at The Woodville Theatre, Gravesend, with plans for a UK tour and West End season. Following continued investment in the latest audio technology, White Light supplied the audio equipment for the production.

The show is produced by Anscombe Production Associates and features a book by writer/director Gerry Tebbutt who has crafted a story from the real-life events surrounding the concert.  The sound designer was Marcus Wadland for White Light. He comments: “ELVIS Las Vegas 1969 is a really unique show in the sense that the first act is all about the drama and the story whereas the second act is the actual concert in full, featuring all of the classic Elvis songs”.

C1a86f3WIAAO_mwThe unique layout of the show meant this influenced Marcus’ sound design. He adds: “When designing a show, you take very different approaches when working on a naturalistic piece as opposite to a loud concert. Similarly, this show had a live band on stage, which included a drummer, lead and rhythm guitarist, backing vocal group and even a brass section! Therefore, I needed equipment which could cover all of the varying requirements”.

To achieve this, Marcus drew on WL’s extensive audio inventory. Marcus explains: “For the first act, I used Shure ULXD and QLXD radio microphones with capsules hidden in the hair line to offer a more naturalistic sound. To provide the energy needed for the booming second act concert, I supplemented the in-house K-array KH15 and KMT18 Subs PA system with WL’s QSC system for front-fill, out-fill and stage monitors.

Elvis-TwoHe adds: “All of the audio equipment was controlled via a Yamaha QLS Desk and utilised Rio 16 Way and 32 Way Dante racks. For the band, I used WL’s stock of Shure and Sennheiser microphones”.

To prepare for the show, Marcus and the production team had a week in the venue for rehearsals and sound checks. He states: “As this was such a busy show, we had to ensure that all of the various elements, from performance to lighting and, of course, the sound, worked holistically and gave the audience the best experience possible”.

The show completed its run at the Woodville last Saturday and is now tipped to transfer to the West End following a UK tour.

Marcus adds: “This really is a great production, both for Elvis fans and those wanting a foot-tapping show. The response we received from the audience was fantastic and we are excited to see where its journey takes us”.

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