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School is often where an interest in lighting and AV begins. We know personally as this is exactly where it began for many of our staff. They’ve never lost that enthusiasm, which means we’re happy to help if you’re taking your first steps into the technical world, whether it’s school, college, university or any other establishment of education.

Need to hire extra equipment to supplement your existing stock? Not a problem. Want to replace a lighting rig or upgrade your spaces with the latest audio system? We can help with that.

In every case, we work with you to ensure you get the most versatile gear and best possible value for money. And our experienced Service Technicians will ensure that everything is not only working safely but to its maximum potential.

We’re also a great source of help and advice. We regularly hold masterclasses for students, exploring the possibilities of technical production, as well as offering a wide variety of product-specific training courses and advice. And our Graduate Days let students talk to leading industry professionals about turning a passion into a life-long career.