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Haydn Davison

Operations Manager

Chris Nicholls

Operations Director

Managed Networks

IT Support Partner

Margaret Leahy-Roche

Business Support

Chris Turner

Business Systems Manager

Dee Patel

Internal Purchasing Supervisor

Oli Owen

Hire Asset Manager

Caroline Ferris

Sales Purchasing Supervisor

Gary Riehl

Facilities Manager

Rachel Gale

Systems Development Manager

Charlotte Leng

Business Support Manager

Tina Bull

HR Administrator

Chris Atterbury

Internal Stock Coordinator

Katy Bennett

Purchase Ledger Supervisor

Jarek Dulnik

Assistant Accountant

Mathana Jathurshan

Credit Controller

Gideon Shawyer

Finance Controller

David Wilkins

Financial Accountant

Fiona Wood

Finance Director

Martyna Barysaite

Marketing Assistant

Chinonso Okere

CRM Executive

Adam Hughes

Digital Content Copywriter

Fanny Saint-Pasteur

Head of Marketing

Lee Dennison

Head of Business Development

Alex Daly

Service Agreement Account Manager

Masha Baird

Installations Administrator

Sarah Hill

Service Technician

Heather Readdy

Installations Technician

Will Bray

Sales Co-ordinator

Jessica Decourcey

Overseas Projects Coordinator

Dominic Lawrence

Service Technician

Sarah James

Installations Technician

Phil Nicolaou

Installations Project Manager

Paul Watson

Installations Electrician

Ian Davies

Systems Design Engineer

Chris Hollier

Broadcast Consultant

Paul McLean

Project Manager

Stuart Bourne

Installation Project Manager

Nick Jemicz

System Design Engineer

Dominic Caviggia

Systems Design Engineer

Rob Stallard

Technical Solutions & Sales

Joshua De Marcos

Systems Design Engineer

Tim Atkinson

Technical Service Manager

Will Hesse

Technical Development and Support Engineer

Nick Sheridan

Technical Support Manager

Sara Hogan

Head of Installation & Technical Service

Dave Isherwood

Technical Director

Andy Hook

Technical Solutions Director

Charli Alderton

Technical Service Co-Ordinator

Simon Needle

Special Projects Director

Martin Strods

Senior Project Manager

Harry Greenfield

Project Manager

Caz Caddick

Event Technician

Luke Hance

Technical Project Co-ordinator

Darren Terry

Video Engineering Manager

Charlotte Blackwell

Production Administrator

Tom Cass

Project Manager

Shrenik Singhavi

Conference Account Manager

Dominic Yates

Senior Account Manager Contact

Adam Trout

Senior Conference Project Manager

Emily Woolnough

Project Manager

Richard Stirzaker

Project Manager

Steven Burnham

Account Manager

Rachel Condon

Production Hire Coordinator

Jason Larcombe

Project Manager

Phil Gladman

Project Manager

Alicia Earls

Business Development Manager

Stuart Crane

Head Of Events

Adam Walker

Broadcast & Hire Coordinator

Leo Humphrey

Hire and Sales Co-ordinator

Will Evans

Key Account Manager Broadcast & AV

Dan Last

Senior Hire Co-ordinator

Andy Cullen

Senior Hire Co-ordinator

Steve Bartlett

Corporate Hire Manager

Jedd Hamilton

Hire Manager

Roger Deane

Head of Broadcast and Corporate Hire

Craig Bennett

Head of Customer Service

James Terrell

Hire & Sales Co-Ordinator

Lorna Simmonds

Sales Administrator

George Hutchinson

Sales Coordinator

Nick Terrell

Sales Co-ordinator

Simon Arnold

Customer Services Coordinator

Ally DeCourcy

Technical Sales Manager

Antony Vine

Sales Development

Mark Morley

Business Development Manager

Hassan Afsharian

Hire and Sales Coordinator

Jonathan Haynes

Business Development Manager

Andrew Stringer

Head of Products/Export Sales Manager

James Huntsman

Site Technician

Luke Tunnicliffe

Site Technician

Callan Gayle

Audio Technician

Michael Tyler

Site Technician

Thomas Tomkins

Site Technician

George Thruston

Production Site Technician

Stephanie Pang

Site Techinician

Simon Shepherd

Audio Technician

Emma Perry

Site Technician

Ali Sykes

Service Technican

William Ingham

Events Operations

Taylor Pelling

Senior Video Technician

Oliver Foster

Audio Technician

Harrison Murley-Lee

Site Technician

Jack Cunningham

Head of EVA Workshop

Jamie Wells

Operational Business Systems Manager

Mike Roth

Venue Technician - Maybourne

Dennis Poku

Venue Technical Manager - Maybourne

Joseph Lock

Venue Technician CHW

Alex Wright

Venue Sales Manager CHW

Kevin Jianoran

Site Technician

Matthew Ward

Venue Sales Manager - Maybourne

Phil Ward

Venue Technician CHW

Dan Goodwin

Venue Logistics Supervisor

James Thurlow

Venue Technical Manager CHW

Jonjo Glynn

Venue Production Director

Richard Wilson

Business Development Director

Pete Feeney

Operations Director

Bryan Raven

Managing Director

John Simpson


Andy Syposz

Senior Service Engineer

Liz Thompson

CPD & Training Manager

Steven Turner

Service Engineer

John Woodcock

Qualified Electrical Supervisor

Tito Paterson

IT Specialist

Bill Newland

Head of Business Systems

Sandra Tyler

Recruitment Manager

James Jacques

ShopWL Administrator

Tyrone Davis

Customer Service Trainee Account Handler - Sales

Mitch Davison

Customer Services Coordinator

John McEvoy

Head of Business Delivery Resources

Edgaras Baltusis

Senior Venue Production Technican - Maybourne

Nazim Shaikh

AV Technician - The Mermaid

Andy Smith

Special Projects Engineer

George Woodcock


Joanne Evans

Installations Coordinator

Neyjair Franca

Installations Technician

Nicholas Majer

Installations Technician

Huw Godfrey

Head of Technical Solutions and System Design

Craig Gravett

Senior Moving Light Technician

Paul Talbot

Quality Manager