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We appreciate that whilst it is important to have the latest AV and lighting equipment, this needs to be supported in a safe and accessible manner. Through our experience of working across numerous industries, we  can work closely with clients to provide a rigging solution for any occasion which perfectly suits their needs.

50-CentWe have an extremely diverse range of the most advance rigging equipment, which includes James Thomas, Prolyte, Slick, Tomcat and Trilite. We are dedicated to investing in the latest equipment which will help to enhance events, as seen with the recent Prolyte S36PRA Flexable PreRig Truss. One of the most advance trusses available, this has already been used on the Doctor Who Symphonic Spectacular UK Tour as well as the one-off 50 Cent Concert at London’s O2 Arena.

Prolyte-TrussNot only do we have state-of-the-art equipment and expert teams on hand but our facilities in Wimbledon, with easy access to Central London, can be utilised for pre-rigging to ensure that everything is prepared exactly to your specifications.