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The finest facilities, the latest technologies, the most advanced products – none of these are of any use if no-one knows how to use them! We offer a wide range of lighting and audio training. Some courses target specific products such as particular lighting consoles. Others focus on areas of lighting and AV technology, such as moving light repair or sound technician training. We also offer AV and lighting masterclasses for schools, designed to let pupils or teachers learn more about the possibilities and practicalities of production solutions.

We seek out the best talent to lead our courses – members of our own staff, product manufacturers and experienced freelancers who are using the equipment day in, day out. Whichever course you choose, you can be sure you will learn from the very best.

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We offer

  • Control Console Training
  • Moving Lights Training
  • Product Specific Training (White Light exclusive products)
  • Bespoke Trainings for Schools and Venues

For further information or to book a course over the phone, please call Liz Thompson on: 020 8254 4800.

For any pyrotechnics training enquiries, please contact BECTU or visit

Upcoming Training Course

Moving Lights Maintenance – Thursday 23rd February & Thursday 23rd March

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