Master Dealer

We are excited to represent the Hog 4 family as the UK's Master Dealer for its products. Hog consoles have pioneered the world of large-scale automated lighting control and the latest Hog 4 products use the same intuitive and powerful operating system software for seamless compatibility and total control.

Our Hog 4 Product Manager Stuart Porter is able to offer an extensive range of consoles and accessories designed for a variety of markets. The Hog 4 has proven itself on the world’s most demanding shows yet can immediately scale down to small clubs and theatres; making it fully versatile. 

Contact Stuart on or simply call 020 8254 4800.

Why Hog?

The Hog range was built around the way its users work, leading to its now legendary ease of use. Its tools are designed for programming efficiency, which means even advanced features like pixel-mapping and plot layout are optimised for programming speed.

The products include:

  • Hog 4 - The flagship console designed for large stadium shows and concert tours.
  • Full Boar 4 - The Full Boar is a compact console, ideal for corporate shows.
  • Road Hog 4 - The most cost-effective Hog striking the perfect balance between performance and economy.

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Alongside being a Major UK Dealer for the Hog 4 range, we will also be offering Training Days for those wanting to learn more about the products. The training offers a hands-on approach to ensure users can use the consoles to their full potential, ensuring they have the most-up-to date technical knowledge.

Training takes place at ETC Park Royal and the dates are as follows:

25th & 27th June - Hog

9th & 10th July - Hog

7th & 8th August - Hog

All training will take place at all at ETC Park Royal, W3 6UU.

Click here to register.