White Light Supplies Projector to Tara Arts Theatre

TaraFounded over 40 years ago, Tara Arts is one of Britain’s most renowned theatre companies. Last year, it moved into the Tara Theatre in Wandsworth, which was the country’s first purpose-built multicultural theatre. Housing a 100-seat auditorium and a separate studio space, the Theatre initially approached White Light to supply them with a range of lighting fixtures. With the venue now wanting to invest in the latest projection technology, they approached WL once again to provide the technical solutions.

Tom Kingdon is the Technical and Operations Manager at Tara Theatre and oversees the technical set-up within the venue. He comments: “Whilst we are predominately a theatre, we also use the space to host a range of other events for the local community. One of these is a Cinema Club. What this essentially entails is parents and their children coming to watch a film together. This isn’t necessary children’s films. Rather it’s for the parents to enjoy the experience of going to the cinema in a completely relaxed environment”.

In order to host the Cinema Club, the Theatre needed to obtain a projector. Tom explains: “Knowing that WL have an extensive range of projection equipment, we immediately approached them to see if they could offer something suitable. However, as we were initially trialling the cinema club, we weren’t in a position to purchase one straight away. Therefore, after speaking with Antony Vine, we reached an agreement in which WL would hire us a projector”.

The projector was then drawn on frequently over the following months. Tom comments: “The Cinema Club really took off and became a very popular fixture in our events calendar. It was fantastic for the local community to come together, which is an important ethos of the venue, and see parents watch films in a relaxed environment. It soon became clear that we needed to invest in projection equipment in order for the kit to be a permanent part of our technical set-up”.

DKvUFNbX0AAXkwoUpon receiving some funding, Tom got back in touch with Antony to discuss investing in a projector. Antony comments: “Tom got in touch saying they wanted to purchase a projector, upgrading slightly from the one they were currently using. Upon hearing their requirements and budget, I presented a range of options before we settled on the Christie LWU601i-D 3LCD”.

The LWU601i-D expands on the existing 3LDC projection range by broadening the resolution and brightness options, as well as offering greater connectivity, integration with third-party systems and a variety of lens options.

Tom states: “The LWU601i-D provided exactly what we required. Not only is it now used to host our weekly Cinema Club but also makes the space much more versatile as it can be used for conferences and meetings. We are also using it on our current theatre production so it has many purposes!”.

Antony adds: “This is a great example of how we are able to work with a client to offer a solution bespoke to their needs; from the initial hiring period to the eventual purchase”.

Photos courtesy of Step Hailesden and Tom Kingdon.