We are the supplier of choice for some of the biggest producers, events companies and shows in the UK and around the world. We are also an approved supplier for some of Britain’s greatest cultural institutions and venues. We love the challenge these projects present, requiring us to push the technological envelope, introduce new technologies and control systems and, sometimes, working on a scale unprecedented in the entertainment world.

At the other end of the scale we are the supplier of choice for some of the smallest fringe shows and tiniest venues, where creative people achieve the impossible in improbable conditions on tiny budgets. We love the entirely different challenges these shows present, particularly when, as with the innovative Arcola Theatre, they also push the boundaries of technology.

We are also the lighting & sound supplier of choice for many schools and drama colleges, where the next generation of professionals and other theatre practitioners learn their trade.

And we’re chosen for just about every type and scale of show in-between – concerts, festivals, tours, regional theatre shows, parties, live events, and conferences.

Our aim is to bring everything we learn from any one area of our work to every other area. That way, everyone benefits.