Join us this week at PLASA

Having presented at the show for over 30 years, White Light is returning to PLASA once again this week and will be exhibiting on Stand L50. With knowledge being the driving factor behind everything we do, this is something we will be celebrating at this year’s PLASA Show. On our stand, we will be hosting a range of exclusive seminars by industry speakers from the worlds of corporate events, theatre, broadcast, live music, construction, leisure and retail. We are now delighted to confirm the full list of speakers and seminars over all three days.

Now Announced – Full Speaker List

We have worked hard to bring together the most exciting and innovative figures in our industry today. Whether it’s individuals such as Dermot Kerrigan (ATT) who is pioneering new ways in which we engage in health and safety training, Piers Shepperd who was the Technical Director of Cermonies at this year’s Winter Olympics or Leo Warner from 59 Productions who have won awards for their revolutionary architectural project mapping. Below is the full list of speakers and we are excited to share with you their own unique insights into how they each use technology as innovatively as possible:

  • Tupac Martir – Conceptual Artists and Lighting Designer
  • Piers Shepperd – Director at Wonder Works
  • Scott Willsallen – Director at Remarkable Projects
  • Dermot Kerrigan – Director at Active Training Team
  • Laura Doye – Executive Producer at LouDoye
  • Ryan Metcalfe – Managing Director at Preevue
  • Ian Stickland – Senior Consultant at Charcoalblue
  • Lars Wernlund – Technical Director at Capture
  • Nick Hunt – Head of School DMTA at Rose Bruford College
  • John Perry – Commercial Installations Solutions at Yamaha
  • Liam Feeney – Managing Director at Spotrack
  • Leo Warner – Founding Director at 59 Productions
  • Jeremy Lloyd – Director at Wonder Works
  • Krzysztof Grabowski – Technical Solutions Specialist at disguise.
  • Stuart Porter – Hog4 Product Manager at White Light
  • Colin Wood – Director of Pre-Production Services

Full Seminar Schedule

Below is the full list of seminars which we will be hosting on Stand L50 and which will offer all visitors an exclusive insight into the innovative use of technology.

There is no need to book so please feel free to drop along to any seminar you’d like to attend.

There is still time to register for PLASA using this link. You can also book to speak to one of our Sales Team here.

We look forward to seeing you on Stand L50.