Having recently worked on-site for the live coverage of the Winter Olympics in South Korea and the FIFA World Cup in Russia, we have a complete understanding as to what is required by production companies working on high-profile projects, appreciating the unique demands of broadcasting. 

Alongside a trusted network of designers and facilities providers, we have a huge inventory of cutting-edge technology coupled with technical creativity – meaning we are able to deliver the complete technical solutions on any broadcast project. Our extensive client list includes BBC, Sky, ITV Sport, BT, Gfinity and Bloomberg to name but a few.

Our broadcast work has seen us win international awards, such as the IBC Innovation Award for Content Creation, and we relish the opportunity to work on projects of any size or scale; each time delivering the same level of service and expertise that has made us an industry leader. 

What we offer


We offer clients complete turn-key solutions for broadcast installations. These include:

• Creative technical input for any size of project from our experienced in-house teams

• Ownership of the entire project, from consultancy and design to on-site installation to on-going SLA support packages

• Strong relationships with manufacturers, with immediate access to the latest technology and developments.

Technical Production

From outside broadcasts to studio productions, we supply the complete technical production on any project. This includes:

• Technical design, creative input, equipment and crew; recreating the same look and set up on a reoccurring basis

• Ability to scale work as well as react to short lead times

• Manage large scale and complex logistics including international projects.

The Mixed Reality Tech Lab

We were delighted to present the Mixed Reality Tech Lab in the Future Zone of IBC2018. Powered by the disguise media platform, this fully immersive production environment showcased the latest developments in workflows for live broadcast and how the industry can effectively adopt augmented, virtual and mixed reality workflows.

The technology allows users to create an instant, natural connection with the content around them unlike any existing virtual set or green screen solution. This means that users without any broadcast presentation experience can immediately create believable, engaging content with no training. The lighting is natural and there’s no keying involved.

Powered by the disguise media server platform, this allows flexible integration with studio lighting, data and broadcast systems. Notch was demonstrated as a real-time generative content solution, running natively on the disguise media server. Creating an accessible graphics workflow allows anyone to easily create and update content.

Winner of the IBC Innovation Award

Alongside disguise and Deltatre, we won the 2018 IBC Innovation Award in the Content Creation category for the Eurosport Cube. During the Olympic Winter Games PyeongChang 2018, the Cube offered Discovery Eurosport a fully-interactive environment in order to analyse the Games’ action. Built entirely from LED display technology and using augmented and virtual reality, it enabled Eurosport experts to interact with their surroundings, telling more engaging stories that explained the technical aspects of the different sports.

The Mixed Reality Tech Lab - Demonstration



Broadcast to over 386 million viewers across 48 countries in 22 languages, WL created and supplied 20 studio and presentation sets for Discovery Eurosports’ Winter Olympics 2018 broadcast.

WL provided all of the studio tech, offered logistical support for the 24/7 broadcasts, studio test builds in London, a team in South Korea and also designed/delivered the revolutionary, immersive Cube estudio.


WL took a cinema space in central London and transformed it into a fully-functioning broadcast studio. WL built a set which encompassed a large digital canvas with a multitude of digital displays in order to create a dynamic Esports Arena. WL oversaw the lighting and AV set technology, the set build, the power distribution and trussing. The tournament is broadcast on traditional and linear platforms.


For ITV, WL worked on site in Paris with the set and lighting designers to create a studio design which maximised the broadcast venue’s potential. WL also collaborated closely with the production team to integrate technology within the set. The project was recognised as a Television Winner at the Knight of Illumination Awards 2017.

Hours of Broadcast (Winter Olympics)
Winter Olympics Audience
Days of ITV Live Racing
Grand National Audience (2018)

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