White Light Wins Best Use of AV Technology at Event Tech Awards

Event Tech AwardsThe 2017 Event Technology Awards took place on Thursday 9th November at the Troxy, East London. This year, more than 100 innovative companies were shortlisted into 28 categories covering a range of different disciplines in the world of event tech. One of the Awards included Best Use of AV, which recognises one company’s use of audio visual technology on a single event. This year, it was awarded to White Light for its work on the University of Cambridge Fundraiser at Banqueting House.

Now in its fifth year, the Event Technology Awards are a globally recognised awards ceremony, with entries coming as far away as New Zealand, Australia, Russia and Mexico. The winners are chosen by twenty-one expert judges who work across the events spectrum. WL was nominated following its work with the University of Cambridge at Banqueting House back in May this year. The company was approached to provide the technical solutions on a celebration event which had to engage key stakeholders.

WL’s Creative Producer Richard Stirzaker comments: “We worked closely with the event’s Production Manager Vaughan Roberts, University of Cambridge’s Events Manager Rachel Mortimer Holdsworth, and creative agency johnson banks to offer an ideal solution. Banqueting House is a very traditional, historic space and we were determined to transform the interior into a fully immersive environment”.

DOOftGOWAAIZv6VIt was WL’s innovative use of AV technology which saw them take the crown at this year’s Event Technology Awards. WL’s Technical Solutions Director Andy Hook comments: “The system we created was built around d3 – the world’s first integrated video production suite. Based around a real-time 3D simulator, it is the single solution needed to design, present, sequence and playback a show. We drew on the server to deliver content to eight Christie HD Projectors which created a digital canvas around the whole room inside Banqueting House”.

There were eight live guest speakers at the Fundraiser, including Steven Fry, who delivered speeches that were accompanied by animated graphics synchronised using the d3 system. The content, which related to both Cambridge and the University, was specifically designed to enhance the speeches with a series of animations triggered by key words within the script. Using projection, WL created a wraparound presentation which ensured that the entire room was brought to life and those in attendance were fully encapsulated within this immersive experience.

Photos by Alastair FyfeAndy adds: “As Banqueting House is constantly in use, this meant we had limited time on site. Using the d3 technology, we created an accurate 3D model of the building by laser scanning it and then imported this into the d3 simulator environment, allowing all pre-production, design and communication with the client to be carried out off-site. We were also able to carry out real-time technical rehearsals of the whole event using a live 3D simulation at the client’s offices in Cambridge”.

The event also saw WL draw on its extensive audio and lighting equipment, which was synchronised using the d3 technology. This included ETC lighting fixtures, over 40 CORE Lighting Wireless LED Uplighters and EM Acoustics EMS Speakers. These created a surround sound audio environment processed by a Yamaha QL5 Mixer and RIO 32 Way Dante Stage Rack. The d3 platform processed multi-channel audio and fed this via Dante to the Yamaha audio system.

WL’s Director Richard Wilson comments: “We are absolutely delighted to have won Best Use of AV at this year’s Event Technology Awards. For the University of Cambridge Fundraiser, we truly pushed the boundaries of what could be achieved in that space and showcased what we can offer as a company; something which has now been recognised within the events industry”.

Photos courtesy of Alastair Fyfe and the Event Technology Awards.